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The Reggie Sandwich: Pine State Biscuits

I try to keep a sharp eye on restaurant reviews here in the great city of Portland. And if you’ve watched episodes of shows on the Travel Channel or Food Network that featured Portland then Pine State Biscuits was probably mentioned. And it wasn’t hard for me to find this place as it’s literally four houses away from me. Their most famous offering is the Reggie sandwich, a mix of fried chicken, bacon, cheese and gravy laid between biscuits.

I felt like I was right to treat myself so I laid down for a take-out Reggie. This this is indeed super awesome. For starters, the bacon is perfect–neither crunchy or greasy–just bacon as it ought to be. The chicken is good, the biscuit is golden and tender. The gravy, just this perfect hint of cayenne. So hard to be financially responsible when this place can be walked toward quicker than it takes to tie my shoes.


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One thought on “The Reggie Sandwich: Pine State Biscuits

  1. I’ve been in Portland for nine months, and I’ve yet to go to this place. Looks pretty tasty….

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